Photo credit: Leslie Hassler
Photo credit: Leslie Hassler

This page, like the rest of my life, is under construction. Check back soon for some more of me laughing at my own jokes.

6 thoughts on “ME

  1. That was beautiful writings of your life from the past to the future. I am very proud of you. I know you are wondering who I am. I am your inspirational Uber Driver from Yesterday. I really enjoy the conversation and meeting you. Remember to always to stay ahead and never behind. Because when you are behind, you always have to run twice as fast as the one ahead. God Bless and remember I am praying you always.

    1. Rev, I know exactly who you are! That was a great ride and one of the best conversations I’ve had in a really long time.

      I’m glad our paths crossed on my way to South Philly! Thank you again for the wise words of encouragement!

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