Confessions of a Nervous Girl: I Moved to the Suburbs

It was right after the new year, January 4th to be exact. My eyes sprung open at 6 am after another night of less-than-awesome sleep. Again. And I immediately filled with worry and dread. Again. This morning routine was really starting to get old. Laying in my bed that morning, frustrated and […]

Nervous Girl

Confessions of a Nervous Girl: The Wedding

My name is Raina and I am a nervous girl. These are my confessions.   The Wedding My friend Lauren was getting married. We’d met while waiting tables at Meritage. We’d grown close while bonding over our feelings of being college graduates with two jobs and the perils of being […]

The Queen of Distraction

In recent years, it may or may not have been suggested by a mental health professional that I have ADD (it totally was). I know what you’re thinking: But Raina, you’re about as hyper as a sloth on Vicodin. Very true. Don’t confuse my condition with ADHD. I have the […]

Once Upon a Breakdown

In the interest of full disclosure, the last five years have been a little rough. When I announced my retirement back in August, I talked at length about what was happening in my professional life and how that had left me quite depressed. That was only half of the story. […]

The Beginning of the End: Part III

“Coffee? I could drink some coffee.” Now, I’m not super thrilled to admit this part: I got in his car. I wish I could tell you what I was thinking, but clearly, I wasn’t. I wasn’t sober. Not drunk by this point, but obviously not on top of my game. […]

The Beginning of the End: Part II

So, where were we? Ah yes. I was on a date, in a bar, with a gentleman who had recently tried to give up drinking. And I have a hardcore brunch buzz. Right. This is my life, Ladies and Gentleman, and at that moment, I wasn’t loving it. Less than […]

Summer of ’05: Part II

As I mentioned last time, I worked my face off that summer.  I once worked a whopping 22 shifts straight before taking a day off.  I was working as a hostess in a restaurant that was, at the time, one of THE most popular places in Philadelphia.  How popular, you […]

I Can Fit My Whole Foot in My Mouth

When you think of sexual harassment, what comes to mind? Clarence Thomas? That episode of Quantum Leap where Sam was Dr. Ruth and ran into Anita Hill? Mad Men? That episode of Quantum Leap that was kind of like Mad Men? Maybe a Lifetime original movie about some young woman […]

No, You’re Right. I’m the Worst.

One of my biggest fears is being publicly shamed. Specifically, to be scolded in public as an adult for doing something that I shouldn’t be doing. I live my adult life just trying not to get yelled at. But since my life typically plays out like a sitcom or romantic […]

I’m Sorry…WHAT?

While we are on the subject of online dating, I have a few more things to say. We spent so much time talking about the dos and don’ts of profile pictures last time, I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the subject of online dating communications. What […]