It’s a Holiday Weekend, Y’all!

I’m not blogging today because I’m busy doing holiday weekend things (reading by the pool) and you should be too. Go do fun summer things and I’ll meet you back here Wednesday morning.

just keep swimming

Just Keep Swimming

I am a one-woman self-help book club. Which is to say, I hoard self-help books and then take nine hundred years to maybe finish them (both things we can talk about another time). Recently I’ve picked up a book that I first started reading in 2007 and never finished. A […]

Peace Be With You (And Also With You)

No one will ever mistake me for being a practicing Catholic. And they shouldn’t, technically I was baptized Episcopalian. But we grew up going to Catholic mass, and to this day, there are a couple of Catholic-esque things that I still do. One of which is Lent and the other […]

Because Some Days, You Just Can’t

While in a magical, alternate universe there is a whole creative team that runs this joint, in this Universe, there’s just me. And today, I feel less than awesome. When I was in Corporate America, sick days were only sometimes offered and rarely encouraged. But now that I’m the boss, […]

Here’s What You Can Do With Your Opinion…

My niece Mina is one of my favorite people. Yes, she’s cute and the fact that she thinks that I’m the cat’s pajamas doesn’t hurt. But my favorite thing about that kid is that, from the jump, she has been unapologetically herself. She has always had the kind of self-assurance […]

A Year to Remember

As 2014 came to a close, I was heading into the new year with just one resolution: Stop being the most miserable person I know. The endgame was happiness, that much was obvious. However, figuring out how to get from point A to point B wasn’t quite as clear. Once […]

Under My Umbrella

Living alone and not having an other of any significance, I spend the lion’s share of my waking hours by myself. Which is fine by me, I enjoy the shit out of my own company. I find me hilarious. But, that being said, there are times when I feel like […]

Common Courtesy is Dead

Common courtesy has died a horrible death and common decency is on life support. If I ever become President, I will mandate that everyone, I don’t care who your dad is, EVERYONE will be required to spend at least six months working in either a restaurant or in retail. I […]

Baby Showers Bum Me Out

Baby showers bum me out. I get bummed out because as I sit there I know that, more than likely, that will never be me. I have that thought not for the reasons you might think. I actually don’t want kids. At least not now and not in the foreseeable […]