Straight Out of Central Casting

Since retiring from corporate job life and concluding that my life will be slightly miserable if I don’t at least try to make some of my dreams a reality, that’s what I’ve been working on. And in case you weren’t sure, chasing your dreams can get expensive. Not only that, but in exactly […]

Living the Dream

One year ago today, I retired. And after making such a big deal about my retirement, I feel like it is only appropriate that I share with you what I’ve been up to in this last year. But before I get into that, let’s revisit that last year before I […]

The Queen of Distraction

In recent years, it may or may not have been suggested by a mental health professional that I have ADD (it totally was). I know what you’re thinking: But Raina, you’re about as hyper as a sloth on Vicodin. Very true. Don’t confuse my condition with ADHD. I have the […]

Once Upon a Breakdown

In the interest of full disclosure, the last five years have been a little rough. When I announced my retirement back in August, I talked at length about what was happening in my professional life and how that had left me quite depressed. That was only half of the story. […]

Today is an Important Day

Today is an important day. I have given it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided to take an early retirement. Today, I am retiring. You’re confused, understandably. So I’ll explain. But where to begin… I guess I’ll start in Harrisburg, PA. I moved to Harrisburg about six months after […]