Because Some Days, You Just Can’t

While in a magical, alternate universe there is a whole creative team that runs this joint, in this Universe, there’s just me. And today, I feel less than awesome. When I was in Corporate America, sick days were only sometimes offered and rarely encouraged. But now that I’m the boss, they are not only encouraged, they’re mandatory. So with that being said, I will be back with something good for you on Wednesday. Well, I’ll have something. I don’t want to over sell it.

And while you’re here, I’d like to say something: THANK YOU. I started this blog mainly to remind myself that writing was something that I used to really like doing. And to give myself some level of accountability to make sure that I stuck with it. The idea that I even know 200 people, let alone 200 people who take the time every week to read something that I wrote, is insane to me. I didn’t know I was so lucky. It makes a girl feel special. (Alright, well now I just feel awkward.)

But, yeah. Thank you. Truly.

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