The Beginning of the End: Part II

So, where were we? Ah yes. I was on a date, in a bar, with a gentleman who had recently tried to give up drinking. And I have a hardcore brunch buzz. Right. This is my life, Ladies and Gentleman, and at that moment, I wasn’t loving it. Less than […]

The Beginning of the End: Part I

The date that made me quit dating…the first time. Because to be clear, I eventually tried online dating (and quit trying online dating) a second time, but only because my therapist told me to. It was a long, weird afternoon spent in the company of a stranger who said THE […]

I’ve Got the Golden Ticket

The day after I retired from the oil industry, I took the train out to a suburb of Philadelphia to take a dance class. I know the woman who teaches the class; she lives a few blocks away from me in the city. I bought a one-way ticket because the […]

Under My Umbrella

Living alone and not having an other of any significance, I spend the lion’s share of my waking hours by myself. Which is fine by me, I enjoy the shit out of my own company. I find me hilarious. But, that being said, there are times when I feel like […]