A Walk to Remember

I was raised on America’s Most Wanted and Law & Order. So I approach all life situations carefully considering the odds of my getting kidnapped, raped, and/or murdered to an arguably (and admittedly) irrational degree. I don’t mind telling you that I am scared of the country. Even the suburbs […]

Common Courtesy is Dead

Common courtesy has died a horrible death and common decency is on life support. If I ever become President, I will mandate that everyone, I don’t care who your dad is, EVERYONE will be required to spend at least six months working in either a restaurant or in retail. I […]

Baby Showers Bum Me Out

Baby showers bum me out. I get bummed out because as I sit there I know that, more than likely, that will never be me. I have that thought not for the reasons you might think. I actually don’t want kids. At least not now and not in the foreseeable […]

Summer in the City

I love summer and all that it stands for, in theory.  I love the spirit of summer, the break from school, the freedom that comes with warmer weather, being outside.  The sun, the fun.  All good stuff.  It’s the practicality and reality of summer that bums me out.  That from […]