No, You’re Right. I’m the Worst.

One of my biggest fears is being publicly shamed. Specifically, to be scolded in public as an adult for doing something that I shouldn’t be doing. I live my adult life just trying not to get yelled at. But since my life typically plays out like a sitcom or romantic […]

I’m Sorry…WHAT?

While we are on the subject of online dating, I have a few more things to say. We spent so much time talking about the dos and don’ts of profile pictures last time, I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the subject of online dating communications. What […]

A Picture Says A Thousand Words. And Then Some.

Historically, I have been able to find ridiculous, disastrous romantic entanglements without the aid of the internet. In fact, I had a pretty good run. But I guess there comes a point in adult life where you kind of only know the people you know and the opportunities to meet […]